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Temporary Roof Fixes: Protecting Your Roof With Easy DIY Solutions

June 20, 20233 min read

When faced with a damaged roof, it's crucial to take immediate action to prevent further water damage until you're ready to install a new roof. Not only will this temporary fix safeguard your home, but it will also signal to contractors that your roof is not entirely non-functional, saving you from unnecessary costs of a complete replacement. At Gold Key Roofing, we understand the importance of addressing roof issues promptly and offer valuable insights on how to perform easy DIY fixes that will provide temporary relief until a permanent solution can be implemented.

Simple Techniques for Installing Temporary Shingles

If you're seeking an affordable and efficient roof fix, real estate shingles can come to the rescue. These shingles can be conveniently purchased online or from your local hardware store and are available in various colors and sizes to suit your needs.

For asphalt roofs, opt for shingles designed for limited exposure, typically black and made of coal tar. For other roof types, any type of shingle will suffice. Before installing new shingles, ensure that all nails from the damaged area are removed to prevent any potential damage during the installation process.

Measure the area requiring repair and cut the shingles accordingly. Start on one side of your house and lay them down, overlapping each other as you progress across the roof until all damaged areas are covered. Secure the shingles in place by nailing them down.

Preventing Leaks: A Crucial Step

To prevent leaks and ensure a tight seal, fill any gaps between the roof and the shingles using wood strips or sheets of metal. Apply weatherproof sealant around joints and seams as an extra precaution against moisture leakage. Nail down a few pieces at a time to avoid inadvertently hitting hidden leak points.

protecting your home from water damage

Protecting Your Floors from Water Damage

If your roof has sprung a leak, it's essential to address the issue promptly to protect your floors from further damage. For minor leaks, covering the affected area with an old sheet and strategically placing buckets on the ground can serve as a temporary solution.

Position the buckets strategically: the first collects water from the ceiling, the second collects runoff water from doors or windows, and the third captures any residual water seeping through cracks. Keep in mind that this temporary fix may take up to 72 hours to catch all leaking water.

Duration and Limitations of Temporary Fixes

While these temporary fixes are cost-effective and relatively simple, it's important to recognize their limitations. They are intended to provide short-term relief and may not withstand severe weather conditions or heavy rainfall. Moisture from the roof can still seep into the ceiling, potentially leading to mold growth. Additionally, temporary patches will need to be redone after each rainfall.

For a more durable and permanent solution, it's advisable to consult professional roofing contractors like Gold Key Roofing. Our team can provide a complimentary inspection to assess the condition of your roof and offer the most suitable recommendations for a long-lasting fix.

Let's Sum It All Up

When faced with a damaged roof, taking swift action to protect your home is crucial. Temporary fixes, such as installing real estate shingles and implementing measures to prevent leaks, can provide short-term relief until a more permanent solution is in place. Remember, these DIY methods have their limitations and may not withstand harsh weather conditions. For a lasting and reliable fix, reach out to Gold Key Roofing for a complimentary inspection and professional guidance. Don't compromise on the safety and integrity of your home—trust our expertise for all your roofing needs.

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